This is a list of our past and present projects.

Pedestrian Bridge over SR 91

UIC was contracted to construct a new pedestrian bridge to allow access for the new Lake County Captains Ballpark over SR 91. UIC provided the owner a value engineering proposal to save the City of Eastlake nearly $500,000.00 on the project. The bridge was installed over a weekend to eliminate traffic congestion.

The City of Eastlake
Completion Date: 
January 7, 2009

Smolen Gulf / State Road Covered Bridge

UIC had the privilege of building the longest covered bridge in the United States. The Smolen Gulf Highway Bridge spans the Ashtabula Gulf with a total span of 608’ long and 93’ above the Ashtabula River. The bridge is designed to maintain federal highway loads and clearances. The bridge also has two walkways that are connected to the bridge for pedestrian use.

Ashtabula County

SR 84 Bridge Replacement in Painesville Twp, Lake County OH

Construct a new 754' long bridge just North of the existing bridge. Upon completion of the new bridge, the old bridge was be demolished. The job features large dirt fill, extensive piling, precast I's, new abutments and 6 new piers.

Lake County

Winsdor-Mechanicsville Covered Bridge

UIC had the honor of working on what is believed to be, the oldest covered bridge in Ashtabula County. The bridge was originally constructed in 1867 and is a Howe Truss. The work included temporary shoring of the structure, rebuilding trusses, new floor beams and deck, new roof trusses, new siding and new roofing.

Ashtabula County

Rhodes Tower Plaza

UIC completed the installation of roller compacted concrete base on top of the existing deck. We then installed colored and textured concrete walls for landscaping. UIC finished our portion of the work with colored and stamped concrete walkways.

Cleveland State University

Pelton Road Bridge

UIC was contracted to install a new bridge for the Pelton Road connection to Lost Nation Road. The new bridge was located north of the existing bridge. The work featured new abutments, piers, steel girders, and concrete deck. The challenges to the project were the ever-changing elevations of the Chagrin River and high tension power lines directly over the bridge.

Lake County

ODOT SR 11 Design Build

UIC was awarded the project for the design and construction of approximately 9 miles of State Route 11 in Ashtabula County.
The work included new flexible pavement, drainage, culverts, guard rail and the replacement/repairs over the span of 12 bridge structures.
The final contract value was in excess of $10,000,000.00.


Ashtabula County Port Authority C-Plant

UIC worked with the Ashtabula County Port Authority at the C-Plat location in Ashtabula County.
UIC provided demolition services of all piping and valves in the plant. After demo, workers replaced all pipes and valves throughout the plant. Along with new piping and valves, all pumps were replaced with new ones during the project. UIC also provided value engineering to help reduce the cost of the project.

Ashtabula County Port Authority

AMCS Surface Foundations and Utilities

UIC had to privilege of working with AMCS Corporation on their project to install a new air separation plant in Ashtabula County.
UIC installed caissons, storm sewers and duct backs for the project, as well as poured concrete foundations and slabs. Likewise, workers completed sanitary, masonry and utility work throughout the site. UIC installed HDPE piping of various sizes, anywhere between four inches to thirty inches in diameter. To accompany these new pipes, UIC installed multiple levels of pipe supports throughout the site.

AMCS Corporation

Roaming Shores Life Pump Station Replacement

UIC was fortunate to work with the Village of Roaming Shores on a two phases of their extensive lift station replacement project.
UIC completed the removal of the old pump stations. Our crews completed excavation, shale excavation, force main installation, gravity sewers, manholes and installation of the new lift stations.

Village of Roaming Shores
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