Ashtabula Historic Bridge Street

UIC had the opportunity to work on two phases of the revitalization of the historic Bridge Street in Ashtabula Harbor.
The first project was Hulbert Ave. This road was an old medina stone road that was in poor condition due to years of wear and tear. UIC was contracted to remove the old medina stones and replace them with a new surface. It was important to the City of Ashtabula and the Bridge Street to keep a historic theme to the road. The old stones were removed from the road. The road was cement stabilized, and new curbs and walks were added in areas. The new roadway was then constructed out of brick pavers. Some of the old stones were recycled and used in the cross walks.
The second project was the restoration of the stairs for Point Park. The old railroad tie stairs had been overgrown with vegetation. UIC removed the old stairs and replaced them with new concrete stairs with brick pavers between them.

The City of Ashtabula